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Next Level Support

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C-Level Executives

Keep It All Moving


As a virtual assistant, I can help you tackle it all,

freeing up your time so you can focus on what you do best. 


Ways I Support You



Make more informed decisions in less time. I vet tools, compile lists, perform competitive analyses, secure vendor quotes, verify leads, and much more.


Client and Vendor Services

I’ll respond to inquiries, tackle outreach, handle follow up and provide additional support as needed. My clients trust me with everyone from clients to contractors to legal advisors.


Personal Tasks

Whether it’s family, health or financial, I've got you covered. Tick gifts, reminders, home management projects, maintenance, grocery shopping and more off your list.


Calendar Management

No more double bookings, missed appointments, or back and forth. I manage your schedule and handle client, team, event and appointment bookings -- along with the follow ups.


Documents, Notes, and Presentations

I organize, create, transcribe, proofread, and edit. Your important documents, spreadsheets, proposals and communications will always be accurate, timely and complete.


Travel Planning

I handle end-to-end planning and logistics for all of your business and personal travel. Get the quality R&R you deserve.


Email Inbox Management

Get back up to 30% of your day. I have tricks and tools to reduce the clutter and cut through the noise allowing you to focus on what matters most.


Workflows and Processes

Count on quality, consistency, and efficiency -- every time. I create SOPs unique to you to manage databases, submit expenses, handle communications, and more.


Everything Else

You name it, I've probably crossed it off a to-do list, more than once.

Why Me?

I am passionate about finding ways to help. So passionate, that I teach others how to do it. Being an Executive Assistant is my calling and a craft I continue to master.

I listen. I take notes of preferences. I don't only anticipate needs, I act on them.


I communicate clearly. I act with urgency. I am detail-oriented and security-obsessed.

I am a systems-creator and avid documentor. Procedures are the bible of efficiency.

Above all, I ensure nothing slips through the cracks. My priority is to create more time for you to focus on doing what you do best.


What They Say


Beth is incredible to work with! Smart, friendly, responsive, organized, and trustworthy. She’s great at understanding and anticipating what our needs were, even when we couldn’t clearly articulate them ourselves. She’s very well-spoken and well-written and continually exceeded our expectations. Plus she’s just a genuine pleasure to work with.

Thanks for all that you do. I'm genuinely blown away with the course. I hope you continue down this path, you are a natural-born teacher. I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you.


Beth is more than an executive or personal assistant, without her support, my one-woman consulting business would not have successfully expanded to a company of three and a six-figure net profit during COVID. Beth has gracefully helped me with a wide variety of items. With any project she works on, she arranges the data in a way that I can read quickly, even taking the initiative to create one-pagers on the people I'm meeting with. She also does the expected calendaring, project managing and inbox managing - my emails are labeled, filed and archived as appropriate. She does this with a minimum of fuss, great focus to the details and very little required from me which again, as a busy business owner and dog Mom, is critical to my health and bottom line.


I am telling everyone and anyone about this program. It is absolutely amazing and they have to do it! Expect a lot of referrals.


I can't speak highly enough about Beth. Her work really impressed me. She finds many ways to help add value to a business and tackles each task with enthusiasm. She also puts thought into her approach and taught me a lot. If you need help getting organized and putting processes in place to manage your business -- there's none better. I'll be hiring her again soon!"

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